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The internet marketing resources page is a big help to those who use blogs for marketing,for local businesses who promote affiliate products or who market their own products.

*Improves your business performance

*Improves your search engine efforts

*Positions you as an expert in your industry

You can educate and provide information to your prospective clients and customers through a group of articles around a specific topic.

With just a resource page, you can boost the usability of your site remarkably

What’s stopping you from creating your first awesome resource page around your best content, Now?

…And how do you create a resource page?

The first step is to audit your site and have a documented strategy. Have a look at  the conversions, see what your visitors are doing, where they have been coming from, and how they have been busy interacting with  your content.

Next, spend some time on onsite optimization activities,going through your sites content and deciding if any needs to be edited or re-written to fit the message and content strategy of your new resources page.

Content Creation

You need to start thinking ahead of time how to improve user engagement and provide users informations they really need about your business. An awesome resources page must consist of a treasure trove of articles that satisfies a users wants,questions, and queries. So,let your resource page be such that solve a users problems to keep people on your site.


It’s easy for your content to be discovered through on-page best practices and social  media promotions. Focus in letting people know about the resources content  and ensure you track and measure the performance…






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