Jan 16

How Will You Fail Blogging For Not Using LinkedIn

If you’re looking for credible internet marketing strategies blogs are so beneficial.

Blogs are an excellent vehicle for business owners to share their expertise, build additional traffic, and connect with potential customers. For small business owners who have no time to learn web HTML or the budget to hire a designer/developer, blogging is a low-cost alternative to having a web presence

In this post I will try to outline the basics of blogging,how to build social relationships and how it can benefit online businesses…

Business Blogging- Basics:
Blogging is an important component of content marketing and a form of social networking service.
It is so beneficial when it comes to building up of authority of your business brand,trust and social relationships…

The first step in this process is to create relevant and high quality content on your website as well as on your blog tailored to the needs of your customers and prospective clients to establish your credibility Within your industry and your consumer base.

And the last step is to create a high profile on LinkedIn that showcases what you do online and those you help, associate with credible LinkedIn groups and groups in other networks…start connecting with prominent individuals and posting updates and tweets that does not include sales pitches,and also endeavor to engage with others in interactions…

Business Blogging – Build Stronger Social Relationships
Think of the 50/50 rule when it comes to sharing content:50% your content, and 50% of other people’s stuff.Yes business blogging or value blogging is all about helping others and helping yourself.

If connected to a LinkedIn member who has just shared an article, re sharing that content provides more value to your own connections and thus allows you also to connect with the person who’s content you shared.

Blogging and social empowers businesses to have a voice and this voice becomes meaningful when it engages with others…

Business Blogging-How Beneficial For Online Businesses:
Blogging becomes a go-to- solution if you would like to establish your name as an expert in your field.
With blogging, it is possible to put out a specific brand or product idea from inception and let real people test the product before it’s official launch…

In Conclusion:
Blogs are so beneficial for churning traffic,sustaining on-site engagement while Blogging and social media empowers businesses to get found and get some credibility that help attract new customers and boost their clientele…

Now It’s Your Turn!
What other good things about blogging You would like us to outline?

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Apr 11

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering LinkedIn Today.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering LinkedIn
If you’re in business LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable resource.

If you’re looking for credible internet marketing strategies blogs are so beneficial for online businesses…

Utilizing LinkedIn resources can help businesses get some exposures and background information about their competitors.

LinkedIn can be used to accomplish background checks on any company you want to do business with.

LinkedIn also has an advance database for finding people who ordinarily are difficult to locate- helps you know your clients history and length of experience…

You can follow up with any new business associate or contact with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

You can as well obtain quick opinion results concerning blog topics your business prospects want by running polls on the LinkedIn groups or posting sponsored updates…

Through LinkedIn business owners can obtain some great ideas about their new product features from their group or other followers on LinkedIn…

Businesses can also conduct market research on the fly,as well as extend their poll results to other networks, or run a poll to generate offers for their campaigns…

Here at Profits Base, we Leverage LinkedIn to Increase Sales and Clients.

With Profits Base hot marketing system businesses can build relationships with their current and potential customers,

and increase traffic through local searches that help:

* Build tons of clientele
* Increase brand awareness
*Increase website visibility
*Educate and Support Clients

Our Core Service Is:

Internet Marketing Small business-Discover the two most cost effective strategies to attract new customers every day with our hot marketing system:

First method is Blogging and content creation.

This involves setting up a self hosted WordPress blog, designed to educate customers and potential clients and acts as your primary business customer support…

Second cost effective tactic is Social Media.

A great profile on LinkedIn is your first step in building social relationships…

Next is an active participation in a few of LinkedIn’s group discussions…

And lastly,LinkedIn PULSE is your great resource…

Helps those in business to position themselves as a resource to their connections in social networks like:

LinkedIn,Twitter,Google + and Facebook with the timely relevant content they discover and share…

LinkedIn is one of the TOP Social Media site that is known to drive its members content awareness and in turn impact their reputation growth as influencers…

Blogs are also so beneficial for online businesses…

Blogs contributes in many ways towards improving your business’s performance – from positioning you as an expert in your industry to helping improve your search engine optimization efforts,and from helping you build a targeted community to driving sales for your business….

To support my sales process,what I normally do is to write a blog post about a specific product, then link this to my product so that customers and prospects will follow the link to my pages and at times post the editorial to my social networks …

I love doing this because I quite know that blogs and blogging are a subtle approach to build a community and very effective in causing the audience to react to any information.

Refreshing the content on my site is another good way I keep Google interested in what I write on my site,
by so doing,the search engine giant will thus keep indexing it more often and helping boost its ranking in the search engine, so that my site shows up earlier in search results than others.

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Apr 10

Build A Strong Marketing Content Plan

Achieve Effective Content Marketing?

Building a stronger business relationship with blogs is a wise move.

We commend you for knowing the usefulness of blogs in business and for knowing that blogging and social media marketing are great vehicle for brand building as well as business relationships building.

However,In this article,I will share with you my secret method of using cornerstone content as a hub for my site’s inbound links resulting from my social activities.

Here are the benefits of cornerstone content:

(1) It serves as the foundation of my website content marketing plan.

(2) Helps my site to rank well in the search engines with it’s central topic.

(3) Brings all the links pointing to my home page to a central place and gives me,and by extension every other business entity using this method the ability to easily promote their web page.

So how can you go about creating a cornerstone content in your site?

Here is the solution:

Optimize the homepage with your primary key phrase.
Right after that,create a cornerstone content with the key phrase.

Ensure that you provide useful and informative post herein and list all the pages and blog posts Google credited to the site.

So,with a self hosted WordPress software,this is realizable only with a little tweaking
In Conclusion.

In conclusion,I strongly advice that you market a strong blogging foundation to support your content marketing plan.

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